Ad Relief–

Since 1972, the Ad Relief has granted more than $2 million in emergency funds to individuals in the Greater Los Angeles advertising community.  If you are aware of someone in the Southern California advertising and promotions community who is currently experiencing a need of this kind, suggest to them that they contact Ad Relief.

Press Release–
19 December, 2020

I was one of those “someones”.
It’s with endless thanks I extend a public note of gratitude.

Everyone has been affected or afflicted this year in some way or another, and to actually ask for help before things got dire enough, for some, isn’t easy.

I vehemently appreciate the assistance financially, and emotional support in my field from a fund and group of people that are actually excited to help. 

Bills and assistance was granted to me, which left me time to not worry and focus on my work, clients, and career. 

Pam and Nicole, were amazingly reassuring, helpful, and courteous. And I’d like to extend my thanks to the members of the board, and people who donate to the fund.

If you feel in a place to help, please consider contributing, or if you’re in the place I was- reach out and start planning.

Leon Ofsky.